Welcome to the Living Water Student Ministry Page! Living Water Students is a ministry specifically targeted at the growth and maturity of students throughout middle school and high school (6th grade-12th grade). This website exists to keep you updated on what God is doing in and through Living Water Students. We would love to get to know you! Check out our Events page to see how you can get involved!

  • Mission Statement:

    • This student ministry exists to glorify and honor the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelizing, ministering to, counseling, supporting, encouraging, praying for, loving, caring for and teaching the students of Living Water of La Pine and the surrounding community. We glorify the Lord by putting Him first, the students second and ourselves third. Our end goal for these students is for them to be saved and to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ. The key to all of this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Our vision for parents:

    • As a student ministry, we want to come along side parents and aid them in cultivating spiritual growth in their student’s life, as well as their own. We love for our parents to volunteer at our events, and to experience God with their students in order to bring them, their student(s) and God closer together.

    • What We Believe:
      • The Gospel – The Gospel starts at Creation. God created man to be in perfect relationship and communion with Him always. Adam and Eve broke that perfect relationship and communion through the first sin which we call the Fall of Man. As a result of that sin, all humans are born sinners with a sinful nature and without blood to atone for that sin, all men would go to hell. Hell is a real place where those who reject God spend an eternity in torment separated from God. Throughout the Old Testament we see man working toward reconciling that perfect fellowship with God through leaders, sacrifices, laws, priests, judges, prophets, wars, buildings etc. But there was and is nothing that man could or can do to reconcile that relationship. God used all of these things to show man that he was powerless in reconciling a perfect fellowship with The Lord. He promised to send a Messiah, who has already come. His name is Jesus Christ, the name above all names.

        Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary through a miraculous conception of the Holy Spirit. He was the true Son of God. Jesus lived over 30 years on this earth as 100% God and 100% man. He never sinned, not even in thought. Jesus’ whole purpose in being born was to die. His death would atone for the sin of the world and they would be given the choice to accept that gift, and to follow Him, and to believe in Him. Jesus Christ died a tortuous and brutal death by being beaten and nailed to a Roman cross. He was buried in a tomb for three days; but three days later, God resurrected His Son from the dead. Jesus then commissioned his apostles. Christ then ascended into heaven and he will come again one day. 40 days later the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and thus began the church and the first Christians. In order for others to be saved by this act of love and propitiation, they must believe in their heart that God raised up Jesus Christ from the dead as the Messiah for mankind, and they must confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord. Lord of all creation and of their personal life. Only then can one be freed from their sinful nature and reconciled back to God to be in relationship with Him through His Holy Spirit who indwells the believer at conversion.

        God justifies the human by seeing Christ’s righteousness instead of their sin. Christ has not only atoned for and taken all the sin of that person upon Himself, but He has imputed His righteousness to them. Christians, if they truly have been converted, have no choice but to respond to this saving mercy and grace of God by giving up their lives as a living sacrifice in order to worship God with all of their deeds. They will not be perfect until they go to heaven, but they will feel conviction of their sins through the work of the Holy Spirit.